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Management Style Encourages Input and Communication

Bidirectional communication is firmly rooted in Jefferson's professional nursing practice. Nursing leaders actively encourage input from nurses at all levels. Their feedback impacts decision-making and improves patient care and safety. The Department of Nursing's governance structure demonstrates the commitment to free-flowing, system-wide communication. These characteristics confirm the presence of Transformational Leadership at Jefferson.

"We don't operate in silos," explains Patricia Constanty, BSN, RNC, WHNP, CRNP. "We share experiences, research, and evidence-based practice so nurses on other units can take that information, modify it to benefit their unit, and ultimately improve patient care."

When nurses on a unit recognize a problem or opportunity and act on it, that positive outcome doesn't remain isolated in that unit's "silo." Instead, Jefferson's unique committee structure encourages nurses to take the initiative to solve problems and share solutions.

Each nursing unit has committees for Evidence-Based Practice, Professional Development, and Quality and Research. Chairs and co-chairs of each committee participate in corresponding mid-level committees called the Staff Nurse Leadership (SNL) committees that serve as the central decision-making body for issues extending beyond the unit level. The committee structure enhances bidirectional communication as well as provides opportunities for leadership and professional development.

Roberta Schiavo, BSN, RN, OCN on the Medical/Surgical and Obstetrics/Gynecology Units was Constanty's co-chair of the NECC for ten months before assuming the chairmanship last summer. "I observed how Patty conducted meetings. Afterward, we discussed the importance of follow up and networking, and moving the agenda forward in a positive way. She taught me valuable leadership skills. Mentoring within the committee structure is "a win-win situation that's very supportive to staff nurses," Schiavo says. "It works because there is accountability and autonomy, and staff nurses know they have support."

Do you or someone you know exemplify Transformational Leadership?