Structural Empowerment

Structural Empowerment

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Solid structures and processes provide an innovative environment where strong professional practice flourishes and where the mission, vision and values come to life to achieve the outcomes believed to be important for the organization.

The key components of Structural Empowerment are:

  • Collaborative relationships with community organizations
  • Professional engagement
  • Commitment to professional development
  • Teaching and role development
  • Recognition of nurses by the organization

Examples of Structural Empowerment at Jefferson include:

  • An emphasis on professional development such as for advanced education and certification supported through generous tuition reimbursement, free continuing education courses, and certification prep courses offered by clinical nurse specialists throughout the institution;
  • Input into redesign of patient care units;
  • Participation in new Information Technology Nurse Resource Group;
  • Professional development through the Nurse Residency Program; and
  • Recognition through the annual Nurse Excellence recognition program

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