New Knowledge, Innovation & Improvements
New Knowledge Innovation and Improvement

New Knowledge, Innovation & Improvements

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MAGNET Moments is a quarterly newsletter. Published by our nurses, the newsletter contains news and feature stories, and information about the MAGNET recognition program at Jefferson.
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Strong leadership, empowered professionals and exemplary practice are essential building blocks for MAGNET-recognized organizations, but they are not the final goals. MAGNET organizations have an ethical responsibility to contribute to patient care, the organization and the profession in terms of new knowledge, innovations and improvements, the key components of New Knowledge, Innovation & Improvements.

MAGNET organizations conscientiously integrate evidence-based practice and research into clinical and operational processes. Using evidence-based practice, Jefferson nurses are encouraged to design and implement clinical projects that improve nurse-sensitive and patient outcome indicators. In addition, Jefferson staff nurses provide input into policy and procedure development and new program implementation.

Examples of New Knowledge, Innovation & Improvements are:

  • A new information Technology Nurse Resource Group dedicated to advancing the science of nursing through direct care nursing involvement in the technology that shapes the care environment;
  • Development of fall prevention strategies; and
  • A department dedicated to nursing research and empowering nurses at all levels to actively participate in research and evidence-based practice activities.

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